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Hayo'u Clear Quartz Crystal Eye Mask

Healing crystal eye mask

Hayo'u Clear Quartz Crystal Eye Mask

Healing crystal eye mask

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  • Made from real luxury Quartz Crystals
  • Reduces inflammation and helps stimulate the skin
  • Relives and de-puffs tired eyes
  • Eases headaches and migraines
  • Assists meditation and improves mental stresses
  • Recommended use 5-20 minutes, every day

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The Hayo'u Clear Quartz Crystal Eye Mask lets you take 5-20 minutes, without any excuses, out of your day. The mask consists of dozens of hand-polished Quartz Crystals threaded onto the eco-friendly thread that is flexible but durable to withstand heavy movement.

This mask originated from Chinese medicine, which believes crystals hold real power. Its main benefits include relaxation, alleviating stress, reducing fluid and helping tired eyes. Because of these reasons, it works in harmony with meditation and can be used more efficiently in the morning or the evening.

Another plus, you can flip the mask upside down to concentrate on the bottom half of the face and focus on relieving stress from the jaw.

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  • Hayo'u Clear Quartz Eye Mask

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why it works

This Hayo'u Clear Quartz Eye Mask is so beneficial because its main component is the Clear Quartz stone known as 'The Master Healer'. These crystals help remove heat from the skin and remove the day's stresses. Dozens of these tiny crystals form the mask; each one moves individually to mould to the face's unique features.

Calming the mind and removing the day's stresses removes tensions in the facial muscles is important in helping reduce fine lines. It is also said to help with concentration and short term/long term memory, caused by balancing the body and clearing the mind. By doing all these things, physically you will see a positive difference in fine lines and wrinkles, even reducing under-eye circles.

it's as simple as

Step 1: Use it as part of your Gua Sha routine or by itself.

Step 2: Take 5-20 minutes from your day, to lie down. Either in the morning or evening.

Step 3: Put on the eye mask, let go of all tension and stress.

make it personal

It is dependent on the person to when you will feel this mask can be incorporated into your routine. In the morning after you wake up, if you find that your eyes are puffy, you feel tired, have anxiety and have headaches this would be the best time to use.

At the end of the day, if you suffer from stress, headaches, tired eyes and need to relax this would be the best time to use to feel the full advantage of the Quartz Crystals. To maximise the benefits leave your Hayo'u Clear Quartz Eye Mask in the fridge to help with inflammation and soothe the eye area.

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