• INTIMINA KegelSmart™ 2
  • INTIMINA KegelSmart™ 2
  • INTIMINA KegelSmart™ 2
  • INTIMINA KegelSmart™ 2
  • INTIMINA KegelSmart™ 2
  • INTIMINA KegelSmart™ 2
  • INTIMINA KegelSmart™ 2
  • INTIMINA KegelSmart™ 2

INTIMINA KegelSmart™ 2

Medical-grade trainer designed for easy pelvic floor strengthening from home

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  1. INTIMINA KegalSmart™ 2

  2. Storage Pouch

  3. User Manual

  4. USB Cable

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      Ce que vous devez savoir :

      • Registers your pelvic floor strength to optimise training
      • Automatically sets the exercise level and turns off once the routine is over
      • Adjusts the routine as you improve
      • Tracks your progress through 5 levels
      • Use for 3 minutes every day to enhance intimacy, pregnancy preparation and post childbirth recovery
      • Designed with smooth medical-grade silicone for complete comfort and ease of use

      Our expert view

      Get stronger and healthier pelvic floor muscles with the easy to use INTIMINA KegelSmart™ 2, designed for women of all ages—ideal for healthy pregnancy preparation, post childbirth recovery and enhanced intimacy. This home use medical-grade device uses touch sensor technology to register your pelvic floor strength, then sets the perfect exercise routine for you. Simply contract when you feel the vibrate, then rest when it stops. Developed with gynaecologists and made with the smoothest medical-grade silicone, the INTIMINA KegelSmart™ 2 gives you an expert pelvic floor workout in less than 5 minutes per day.

      The next evolution in Kegel training

      Regain pelvic tone with the first intuitive Kegel exercise training device. The INTIMINA KegelSmart™ uses touch sensors to register your pelvic strength and determine your exercise level. The intelligent programme will then automatically adjust the level as your strength improves over time.

      KegelSmart™ guides you through each contraction with gentle vibrations for the easiest and most effective pelvic floor workout.

      The next evolution in Kegel training

      À l'intérieur ?

      1. INTIMINA KegalSmart™ 2

      2. Storage Pouch

      3. User Manual

      4. USB Cable

      Réponses à vos questions

      Réponses à vos questions

      Notre experte beauté répond à vos questions les plus fréquentes.

      Step 1: Wash your device, find a comfortable sitting position and lubricate the device with a water-based lubricant gel.

      Step 2: Turn on the device and insert, keeping the retraction cord outside of the body.

      Step 3: After 3 quick vibrations, the exercise routine will start. When you feel a vibration, lift and squeeze your pelvic floor muscles, then hold the contraction for the duration of the vibration. When the vibration stops, release your pelvic floor muscles and rest.

      Step 4: The device will turn off automatically once the routine is over. Remove and clean your device before safely storing.

      Expert Advice: INTIMINA recommends a water-based lubricant, such as INTIMINA’s Feminine Moisturizer. Avoid using a silicone-based lubricant as this could make the silicone permanently sticky.

      Always wash your trainer before and after each use with antibacterial soap or purpose-made products such as our Intimate Accessory Cleaner.

      Never use cleansers containing alcohol, petrol or acetone as they may interfere with your body’s natural balance and damage the silicone of the trainer.

      Store in the provided antibacterial pouch.

      Each exercise routine will begin with a warm-up of short contract-rest motions; followed by the main workout of longer contract-rest motions suited to your pelvic floor strength level. Routines are between 3 and 5 minutes long.

      A series of 3 quick vibrations will signify the end of the exercise routine and the device will turn off automatically.

      To remove your trainer, relax your pelvic muscles, grip the retraction cord and slowly pull out the device.

      For best results, complete one KegelSmart™ 2 exercise routine daily. Once you’ve reached your goal, you can maintain your pelvic floor strength by exercising a few times a week.

      If you experience any discomfort, remove the exerciser immediately. If discomfort continues to occur, consult your healthcare provider. Daily Kegel exercising should never exceed 60 minutes.

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      Besoin d'aide ?

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      Dimensions: 80mm x 37mm x 120mm

      Weight: 44g

      Materials: Medical-grade silicone enclosure (applied part)/ABS/PVC cord

      Battery: Compatible with single AAA-battery

      Environmental Conditions: For use: 10° - 40° Celsius, humidity 40% - 80%, atmospheric pressure 800 - 1060 hPa. For storage and shipping: -10° - 50° Celsius, humidity 30% - 80%, atmospheric pressure from 500 - 1060 hPa.

      If you have confirmed you are pregnant or have given birth within the past 12 months, consult your healthcare provider about the safety of exercising with KegelSmart™. Use only as directed - inserted vaginally to guide you through pelvic floor exercising. Don’t use if you have symptoms of a sexually transmitted disease, pelvic infection or any inflammation of the pelvic area.

      Users of this INTIMINA product do so at their own risk. Neither INTIMINA nor its retailers assume any responsibility or liability for the use of this product. INTIMINA reserves the right to revise this publication without obligation to notify any person. Model may be changed for improvements without notice.

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