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KITSCH Mini Facial Roller 2pc Set

Mini in size but a mighty must-have for your routine

KITSCH Mini Facial Roller 2pc Set

Mini in size but a mighty must-have for your routine

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  • Two rollers in one pack to target the whole face
  • Fits small contours of the face and any makeup bag
  • Promotes blood circulation in the face and neck
  • Instant stress relief and tension release
  • Help absorption of your favourite products
  • Made from silicone to allow groves to reach the surface of skin

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These Kitsch Mini Facial Rollers are the perfect set if you want to get more out of your skin and your skincare routine. Although the set includes a massage roller and an ice roller, they focus on critical areas of the face and around the eye area.

These areas are more likely to have a fluid build-up and where fine lines are more likely to appear. In addition, they are easy to use and bring some luxury into your daily routine to create that healthy glow.

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why it works

The Ice Roller is made up of silicone which is a moldable material. It uses ridges on the roller to penetrate layers of the skin to soothe tension in the skin, which is usually due to stress. By relieving stress, this will then have a positive impact on fine lines and wrinkles.

In addition, the Ice Roller aims to help with lymphatic drainage, which is built up in the face overnight or over a long day. It also aims to soothe inflamed, puffy eyes, which will work a treat when used with your favourite products.

it's as simple as

Step 1: Start by placing Ice Roller in the fridge for that extra cooling effect.

Step 2: Use a usual amount of moisturiser or serum on the face.

Step 3: Roll around the key areas focusing on the jawline, cheekbones and forehead.

Step 4: Work on eye areas by rolling in upwards motions towards the eyebrow.

make it personal

This duo will quickly become second nature to you, whether you are a morning skincare person or an evening skincare person. It will be compatible with any routine, and you won't look back. In addition, it is a quick, easy alternative to injectables if you want to achieve a more defined look.

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