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Quasar MD - Appareil anti-âge Plus

Technologie de rajeunissement moderne

Quasar MD - Appareil anti-âge Plus

Technologie de rajeunissement moderne

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  • Solution de routine boostante
  • Améliore visiblement l'apparence des rides et ridules
  • Utilise la technologie de la lumière rouge
  • Stimule la production naturelle du collagène
  • Résultats visibles en seulement 8 semaines
  • Large head speeds up your treatment time

L'avis de CurrentBody

Taking salon technology into your home, the Quasar MD Plus uses powerful red light technology to improve the production of your body's collagen and elastin to give you a fresh, youthful appearance.

Using 4 painless wavelengths, by using it for just 3 minutes per treatment area while you are watching the TV or reading a book, you get the benefits of this anti-ageing device. What's more is the results last for months, meaning you will only need sporadic top-ups.

À l'intérieur

  • Appareil anti-âge Plus Quasar MD
  • Lunettes de protection
  • Pochette de voyage 
  • Capuchon protecteur
  • Manuel d'instructions
  • Garantie à vie contre les défauts sur les parties en aluminium
  • 5 ans de garantie sur les éclairages LEDs

Nos experts sont là pour vous aider à trouver le produit adapté à vos besoins et à maximiser ses résultats.

4 Different Wavelengths

The Quasar MD Plus is made with 4 different wavelengths and combine to give a myriad of skincare benefits.
Red LEDs
The red light is beneficial for all skin types. It is proven to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, smooth your skins texture, improve its elasticity, increase circulation and aid lymph drainage, as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Red & Red/Amber LEDs
Including some of the same benefits as the red LED light like flushing waste from your skin and boosting lymphatic flow, it focuses on treating redness, flushing and rosacea. Not only does it help increase cellular growth, it is calming and soothing.
Infrared LEDs
The difference between Red, Red/Amber LEDs and Infrared LEDs is that you cannot see the Infrared as it is invisible. It penetrates the skin deeper than a Red LED, reaching deep into soft tissues. Once the light from the LEDs hits your skin, the light energy is absorbed by the cell and kick-starts your biology's processes.

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